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Louvre Banks

What does the term ‘banks’ mean when discussing louvres? This article examines in more detail this particular louvre term.

Louvre Doors

Kingfisher’s louvre doors provide an access solution, whilst maintaining the continuous louvred appearance of an elevation. We can manufacture single and...

Dogger Bank Wind Farm, Port of Tyne

The new operations and maintenance base for the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, will support what will become the world’s biggest offshore wind farm when it is fully complete in 2026 and will be capable of powering up to 6 million homes annually.

Span Capability

In layman’s terms ‘span capability’ is the distance that louvre components can span before they require a fixing point. There are two different spans we...

Mitred Corners

Our dedicated manufacturing team is here to deliver high quality products to ensure our customers can complete installations which are both functional and...

Inframe Louvres

While Kingfisher is more commonly known to supply large-scale continuous appearance louvres, we also offer bespoke, made-to-order Inframe louvre panels. They...