Updated: 09 January 2024

KW75S single bank weather louvre with ‘S-shaped’ profile

This product spotlight takes a look at the KW75S single bank weather louvre with a ‘S-shaped profile.

When looking at the product ranges of louvre manufacturers you will find that almost all louvre blades have the standard Z-shaped profile. Kingfisher’s product range is no different, almost all our louvre blades within our KW weather louvre range have the same Z-shaped profile, proven efficient in weather protection and ventilation.

Kingfisher, however, also offer a curved profile blade within their weather louvre range, which will make your project stand out aesthetically, whilst still offering an independently tested weather and ventilation performance.

Increasingly, architects and designers are looking for something different to create impact for their clients. The Kingfisher KW75S louvre blade has a ‘S-shaped’ profile; curved in all the right places, tested and supplied at a 75mm pitch.

The KW75S system can be supplied as panels or in component form, meaning that Kingfisher can cater for any sized project with this eye-catching blade. We can also mitre the blades, enabling them to be installed with a fully continuous appearance, even on corners. In addition the KW75S can be supplied on the Kingfisher range of single and double doors.

Just like the rest of our KW weather louvre systems, the KW75S has been tested to BS EN 13030, and can provide up to a Class B for weathering (up to 98.69% water rejection) and a Class 3 for airflow, with a Cd value of 0.25 and a 50% free area.

If you think that the KW75S blade, or any of the other Kingfisher louvres, could be what you’re looking for please feel free to contact the team on 01773 814 102 or email admin@kingfisherlouvres.com.