Updated: 11 December 2023

Line of Sight – To invert or not to invert?

When you think of a louvre, the blades always face downwards right? Wrong! It’s common for screening louvres to be supplied with the blades facing upwards or “inverted” as we say in the business.

You may wonder why a design would need the blades inverted and it comes down to three little words – ‘Line of sight’.

The purpose of a screening louvre is to provide a visual barrier, usually to cover machinery/equipment. Line of sight is an important consideration when it comes to screening louvre design, thinking about the line of sight will help you identify if the blades need to point downwards (standard orientation) or upwards (inverted orientation).

If the louvres will be viewed from above, then the blades will usually be ‘standard’ orientation.

If the louvres will be viewed from below, then the blades will usually be an ‘inverted’ orientation.

Kingfisher’s KC120 screening louvre can be supplied in standard or inverted orientation; doors and mitred corners can be supplied for both orientations. As with all Kingfisher ‘component form’ systems we can cater for any width and height and the louvres will be continuous appearance.

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