Updated: 10 January 2024

Dogger Bank Wind Farm, Port of Tyne

The new operations and maintenance base for the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, will support what will become the world’s biggest offshore wind farm when it is fully complete in 2026 and will be capable of powering up to 6 million homes annually.

The O & M base, located at the Port of Tyne, will be operated in line with the UK Green Building Council’s Net Zero framework to meet the highest energy efficiency standards. The base includes office, training and welfare space for around 200 people. It opened in March 2023 and in June 2023 it won the Net Zero and Sustainability award in the 2023 Constructing Excellence in the North-East (CENE) awards.

Kingfisher’s louvres, pictured here whilst the project was still in progress, were used throughout the build of the O & M base to provide ventilation, weather protection and screening and were supplied to Air Design Systems Ltd who did a fantastic installation of the Kingfisher louvre systems.

Kingfisher’s KW75HPG high performance single bank louvre was used in the areas where a high level of ventilation was required. The aerodynamic profile of the KW75HPG blade achieves a Class 2 for airflow under the BS EN 13030 tests and can also provide up to Class A for weathering. Usually with louvre supply there’s a compromise required between weathering and ventilation performance, but the KW75HPG can do both and this is what makes it one of our most requested systems.

Kingfisher also supplied KC120 screening louvres at 105mm pitch. The KC120 louvres formed a 2.4m high screen, spanning over 30m around the building. Kingfisher’s screening louvres can be supplied at a variable pitch and as well as the standard orientation with the blades facing downwards, we can also supply the blades in an inverted setting. The blade orientation depends on the line of sight and what you’re trying to screen.

If you think the Kingfisher team could assist with the louvre requirements for a current or upcoming project please feel free to get in touch on 01773 814 102 or by email on admin@kingfisherlouvres.com.

Installation images courtesy of Air Design Systems Ltd prior to project completion.