Updated: 11 December 2023

Louvre Terminology – BS EN 13030:2001

Here we look at BS EN 13030:2001, what it is and what it means.

Officially, BS EN 13030:2001 is related to “Ventilation for buildings. Terminals. Performance testing of louvres subjected to simulated rain”. In layman’s terms this is the testing standard to which a louvre is subjected.

This is the European Standard, which specifies the method for measuring the ventilation and water rejection performance of louvres when subjected to simulated rain and wind pressures. This is considered the industry-standard for testing louvre performance and means that all systems can be compared on equal grounds.

The test uses a specially designed rig, with spray nozzles and fans, designed to simulate rain and wind. Throughout the test, the simulated rain is directed at a louvre panel within the rig, the “wind speed” is increased throughout the duration of the test. The test rig will capture all the rejected “rain” as well as the rain that has managed to penetrate the louvre. These figures are then used to create a percentage effectiveness for the louvre’s water rejection. This can be up to 99% effective as no louvre can guarantee 100% effectiveness unless a blanking plate is fitted to the rear. These percentages are then used to categorise the louvres into Classes A – D, which are the terms we commonly use to discuss our products.
In addition to the weathering test, the rig can also measure pressure drops through the louvre and this will provide the Cd value of the louvre at varying net wind pressures. These Cd values are then used to classify the ventilation performance of the louvres and we categorise this into Classes 1 – 4.
All of Kingfisher’s KW range of louvres have been tested by BSRIA to the BS EN 13030:2001 standard and from this you can have peace of mind that the products will perform in line with expectations confirmed via the industry-recognised testing. Thanks to our wide range of products, we can tailor your quotes to provide the best solution for your project’s needs, to suit a range of budgets.
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