Updated: 11 December 2023

Kingfisher’s acoustic louvres – something to shout about!

In addition to our range of weather and ventilation louvres we also offer acoustic louvres.

Kingfisher acoustic louvres (KA louvres) provide a solution for the reduction of airborne sound transmission, while still allowing the passage of air.

The KA range can provide a combination of different system depths and free area options, which mean that we can tailor supply to meet your specification needs.

All KA products have been tested to BSEN ISO 10140 for airborne insulation performance. Details on the performance of our system can be found in our literature https://www.kingfisherlouvres.com/ka-acoustic-louvres/p/8

They are supplied in modular form in maximum 1200mm x1200mm modules. They can also be installed in banks of modules for larger applications. Like the rest of Kingfisher’s range, the KA modules are available in mill or PPC finish and can be supplied with a range of backing options.

Kingfisher can provide full estimating and technical support to assist with your acoustic requirements. If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact the team on 01773 814 102 or send your requirements to info@kingfisherlouvres.com.