Updated: 11 December 2023

Meet the team: Jo Foulkes – Sales Office Manager

Join us as we pull up a chair to chat with Jo Foulkes, our Sales Office Manager and a longstanding pillar of our team. Discover Jo’s favorite movies, her childhood aspirations, and the flavours that make her days brighter. This is Jo, beyond the job!

How long have you worked for Kingfisher? 12 ½ years! This is the only company I’ve worked for since leaving University.

Talk us through a typical day? No two days are the same. I’m involved in everything – technical queries, quotes, sales, admin and manufacture packs. There are lots of phone/Teams calls, emails and meetings as well as providing support to the team and liaising with stock control, purchasing and planning departments to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible.

What do you enjoy about your role? The variety, the customer and staff relationships I’ve built, seeing photos of completed projects and providing support on some of the more complex projects.

I can’t get through the week without… Laughter and lots of tea!

What did you want to be when you grew up? Loads of things; a vet (changed my mind when my dog had to be put to sleep), cabin crew (then decided I didn’t like flying), a lawyer (I thought this was a great idea after watching Legally Blonde) and then throughout Uni I was aiming for a career in marketing/editing but fell into a Sales role, the rest is history!

Favourite film? Step Brothers, Harry Potter, most things Disney, Bridesmaids, The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings and anything Marvel. I don’t like anything sad or scary.

Favourite TV show? Currently binge watching Criminal Minds.

Morning person or night owl? Bit of both, always up early but happy to stay up late too.

Met anyone famous? Not yet.

Staycation or exotic holiday? Anything! I love to travel. In the UK my favourite place is Cornwall. Outside the UK it could be an action-packed Florida holiday or two weeks in a tropical paradise like my honeymoon in Mexico. I’m going to New York in December for the first time and can’t wait.

Favourite food? First choice would always be Indian, I also love pizza. I love eating out and trying new foods.

Favourite drink? Tea, Coke Zero or a Pornstar Martini.

Ideal dinner party guests (past or present)? Gemma Atkinson, Stacey Solomon, Vicky Pattison, and The Queen – Instead of a dinner party, a Bottomless Brunch session.

Three things to take to a desert island? Shelter, a Kindle loaded with every book ever and a ton of sun cream.