Updated: 11 December 2023

Span Capability

In layman’s terms ‘span capability’ is the distance that louvre components can span before they require a fixing point. There are two different spans we can talk about: horizontal blade span and vertical mullion span.

The horizontal blade span is the maximum allowable unsupported length our blades can span, and this will dictate the mullion centres for your project. This is important as when designing the louvre support structure our customers must ensure there’s suitable support at the top and bottom of all mullions (as well as midspan support where required!), and so the mullion locations are key to the design. As standard, Kingfisher will allow 1250mm centres for all of our louvre systems, with the exception of the KW30Z, which is allowed for with standard mullion centres of 600mm.

The vertical mullion span is the maximum allowable distance between the fixing points between the mullions and the support/structure. As standard, Kingfisher recommend the minimum of a fixing point at the top and bottom of every mullion. Depending on the maximum vertical spans there may also be a requirement for some mid-span support to ensure the vertical spans are not exceeded.

As a Kingfisher customer it’s important to check the specific net wind pressures for your project and to confirm this information to our technical team. This will enable project quotes to be tailored to suit the specific site conditions and provide peace of mind that sufficient support structures can be designed and procured ready to fit your Kingfisher Louvres on site.

To discuss a specific application with our team please give the office a call on 01773 814 102 or email info@kingfisherlouvres.com and a member of our team will be happy to assist.