Updated: 11 December 2023

Holiday Inn Express, Dunstable

Holiday Inn Express can be assured of optimum performance from its plant equipment through the installation of Kingfisher high performance weather louvres on the roof of its four-storey, 120 bedroom Dunstable hotel.

The hotel features KW75HPG louvres, plus ancillary mullions, supplied by Kingfisher Louvres. The installation has a single bank of louvres offering maximum weather resistance with a high airflow rate, performing better than most double-bank systems. These louvres can be used in any application requiring permanent large-scale ventilation as well as providing screening.

The solution

The single bank of aluminium louvres, colour matched to RAL7015 (slate grey), was strategically positioned on the roof to protect and ventilate the plant equipment whilst adding an aesthetic dimension to the building. A double door of louvres to the same specification ensures continuous protection whilst allowing access for plant engineers.

The Kingfisher louvres are BSRIA tested with an A2 classification up to 0.5m/s. They deliver up to 99% effectiveness of water rejection to minimise risk of any damp or moisture penetrating to the plant behind. By achieving a Cd value of 0.311 – a class B aerodynamic coefficient – they have improved airflow resistance when compared to virtually all double-bank louvre systems, and also many single-bank systems.