Updated: 04 July 2024

Louvre Banks

What does the term ‘banks’ mean when discussing louvres? This article examines in more detail this particular louvre term.

A louvre can be supplied as a single bank or multiple bank system. When referring to a bank of louvres, we mean a set of blades i.e. a single bank louvre would only have one set of blades and a multiple bank louvre has more than one. A double bank would therefore have two sets of blades and a triple bank would have three.

Most louvre specifications we see, are for a single bank louvre system. All single bank louvres within the Kingfisher range, with the exception of the KC120 screening louvre, are weather and ventilation performance tested, and generally there’s a suitable single bank product for most projects’ needs.  Multiple bank systems are commonly used in exposed, coastal locations or where particularly water-sensitive equipment is installed behind the louvres.

In layman’s terms, more banks on a louvre will mean higher weathering performance but lower ventilation performance. Conversely, the less banks a louvre has means higher ventilation but lower weathering performance. The more banks a louvre has the higher the cost, the longer the install and the greater the system depth.

There are a couple of ways that Kingfisher has engineered practical solutions for higher performing, less labour intensive and cost-effective solutions. Firstly, our single bank high performance KW75HPG system offers the benefit of comparable weathering performance to a double bank system, but with a single bank price tag, shallower installation depth and easy install. The KW75HPG also offers the best ventilation performance available within our range.

In addition, Kingfisher has two double bank systems, which use a specially engineered chevron profile blade. Although the overall system depth is greater than a single bank system, because you’re achieving a double bank louvre with only one blade, it’s a much simpler and quicker install than a traditional double bank system using two independent blades. Our chevron blade system can be supplied at 75mm (KW75D) or 100mm (KW100D) pitch offering a cost-effective double bank solution.

The chevron blade also makes up part of our triple bank systems, the chevron would be installed at the rear of the mullion at 100mm pitch, the front of the mullion would then either have our KW75Z or KW100Z single bank system, which combine to create our KW100/75T and KW100/100T systems. Aesthetically the front face of our triple bank systems would mirror the standard single bank louvres. This means that you can combine single and triple bank louvres on a site with no visual difference, providing a cost saving on materials and installation. This can even be achieved within the same elevation.

Kingfisher aim to work with our customers to find a specification compliant, cost-effective solution using one of the many louvre systems available within our range. If you have a project that you would like to discuss with the team contact us on admin@kingfisherlouvres.com or via phone on 01773 814 102.